Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What schools and management can do?

Here is another quite interesting ppt
in which some students examined the
ways our school and its management contribute
to global warming.

Kind regards,
Kathrin (DE02)
BBS 3 der Region Hannover

"So that the frogs could breathe easier" .... Ptuj, Slovenia

So,that the frogs can breathe easier!

The students of Gimnazija Ptuj (class 2.a) have joined the ENO
and the project about climate changes. The project is called
»So that the frogs can breathe easier«. We were inspired by the
mascot (a frog named Frank), which we made by ourselves and
was symbolically carried across the road. Why did we do this?

The frog is an animal that is very sensitive to climate changes,
so many kinds the species are already onthe edge of extinction.
humans have a big influence on their life. The most interesting fact
is that frogs need the closeness of humans. Humans, however, are
changing frogs habitat by building houses and roads, changing layers
of humus, using pesticides in farming, destroying natural ponds etc.
Did you know, that gardeners are very happy if frogs inhabits their
gardens because that means they wont have any problems with pests?
By building an extensive road sistem network, humans are interferring
with frogs natural paths that lead to their spawning places.
This is the reason why there are so many frogs run over by cars during
theirr spawning season. Many environmental organisations are warming
us about this problem by carrying frogs across the roads, closer to the
spawning places.

Our preparations began quite some time ago. We startedto cutting frogs
from paper. Onto those paper-frogs we wrote our promises how we were
going to improve the environment. We made posters and invited other
students to take part in the activities. We presented our work with a
role-play between two worried meteorologists talking about climate changes.
We organised an exehibition in the school library.
But, if you look at the pictures, you will see for yourselves!

Branka Sijanec (geography teacher)

Photos from Lycee Emil Dubois, Paris, France

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gimnazija Škofja Loka, Slovenia

How did the students at Škofja Loka Grammar
School, Slovenia, participate in the campaign known as:
The March of Frogs or how to reduce the emissions
of greenhouse gases, on January 17th this year?

The 1st year students (class E) already in December
last year discussed the causes and consequences of
climatic changes in the atmosphere at the science
subjects, such as Biology, Chemistry and Geography.
They brought up a lot of pledges how to change their
environmental behaviour and increase their awareness.

The 2nd year students (class A) made frogs out of
recycled paper, wrote pledges and on January 17th,
2007 prepared the school exhibition of the frogs and their pledges in a
school hall.

Besides this, the students prepared a lot of leaflets, saying: Turn off the
lights when the sun shines, which were attached to all classroom doors
in order to save some energy, when possible.

We informed the local media and there were some local newspaper reporters
who came to school on that day and they promised to report about the students’
activities which, we hope, might improve their environmental awareness.

Furthermore, the 3rd year students will watch an Al Gore film The
Inconvenient Truth next week as a part of their regular curriculum.

Ivica Krek, prof.
mentor of the activities

Alenka Kolenc Krajnik, prof.

Jože Bogataj, prof.
ASP Unesco coordinator

From Medical School, Varazdin, Croatia

Clean environment is not our enemy!

Pollution is only a step away from cleanliness.
Is our weekness worth our children's lifes?

Best regards,

prof. Ranka Knolmajer,
Medical school Varazdin

Photos from Jesenice, Slovenia

I send you some photos about ENO activity on our primary school,
warm regards
Polona Zidarević
Primary school OŠ Koroška Bela

Aukuras school from Kelme, Lithuania

On January, the 17th, 2007,"Aukuras" secondary school from
Kelme, Lithuania joined to the ENO Compaign: March of the Frogs.
16 students went to the local municipality, the city center and collected
pledges from staff and citizens.After we came bact to school and collected
pledges from the school staff, students, teachers and parents.
D. Paliuliene

Lithuania, Vilkyskiai Secondary School

Dear all,
In our school we have some activities: lecture about
climate change reason and result, interview our city
community about energy saving and impact our
daily work on climate change, members of our environmental
committee make research about energy saving at home, we create
a frog song about climate change in lithuanian, organize campaign
in our school and pick 120 pledges. It was very nice that people
was very interested.

Maryte Geciene, teacher

The March of Frogs in Porvoo, Finland

Here are some photos from the Global March of Frogs from Porvoo,
Finland. First my students marched to our teachers restroom and had
many pledges. The we visited few classes. In the afternoon we are going
to make our "Frog-attack" to the meeting of Porvoo's international
educationteam. Let's see what happens over there.
We had fun and made many pledges!
Susanna Kareinen
special education classteacher
Kumpula School F!23

Our poster

Students making pledges

Students on tour

Martti Toivanen, The headmaster of our school making pledges

Feed me with your pledges!

Photos from Tartu, Estonia

Our pictures here:-)

Helle Anijärv
Tartu Hiie School

Ciobiskio Pagrindine Mokykla, Lithuania

We are from Lithuania (Ciobiskio pagrindine mokykla).
We made very nice frogs not long time ago.

Students work from BBS 3 der Region Hannover, Germany

Please find here two powerpoint presentations about climate
change in Germany. They are about fauna and weather phenomena.
They are in English.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Activities in the Schoolcluster “Radu Negru” Galatz

Students and teacher School Radu Negru from Galati, Romania
took part in the following activities during the Campaign week
15-21 Jan 2007, :

Students of SchoolCluster ‘Radu Negru’ Galatz organized:

- campagne of junk collection

- session of science communication based on the enviroment polluation

- a confection on the mascots

Other mascot:

- confection of posters beside other school( LC.N.M.K.-
L.E.R-,Hight School Saligny-, Hight School Asachi-,
C.T.T.V-,C.F.R-,School 2 and 25, )

- receving pro environment messages

- march of the frogs from Hightschool “Radu Negru”
situation on inter section on Domneasca Street until
Eminescu Central Parc.

Partners were: EnveronmentAgency Galatz,Departament of
Education Galatz and Emil Racovita Hightschool. The press
and mass-media had been involved in this actions.

Mrs Mariana Pacuraru and Viorica Bujor manageri of
HightSchool “Radu Negru” found the necessary resurses for
stimulation their creativity of students.

Teacher were also involved in this campagne are Maria Stan-
informatics teacher, Mariela Gheteu - biology teacher, Catalina Stanca
- fisique, Visilina Guita math teacher, Roxana Vasile arts teacher and
Dorina Hodorogea laborant.

Thancks for help as Mrs Mariana Pacuraru and Viorica Bujor
manageri of HightSchool “Radu Negru” and Mrs Maria Popa and
Valentina Lospa manageri of HightSchool “Emil Racovita”

Best regards Students of “Radu Negru” Schoolcluster

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Campaign at School Svencionys. Lithuania

We haven't seen any snow in Lithuania this winter.
Usually hot weather prevails (on January 10 th the temperature
was +12,6 degrees Centigrade). Its rains constantly. The level of
water has risen in rivers and lakes.

During the preparation for the 'March of frogs', the
students of the school watched and recorded the unique phenomena
in the nature: violets came into blossom in the forests, meadows
were ploughed up by moles, beavers pisked and demolished a lot of
trees, winter crop came into leaf, trees budded, some of them
even came into blossom, the children saw flies, mosquitoes and mites…

The children have learned a lovely song about frogs, they
have made Lithuanian friends for frog Frenk. On the 17th of
January little frogs, students, teachers and the administration of our
school visited 16 institution and companies in the town and they got
concrete adults' promises.

The children were on a visit by the Mayor of Svencionys
district, the leader of the Board of Education, the monitor of the
town, the leaders of other institutions. They all promised to do
concrete works for the good of the nature.

In the lobby of the school posters with promises were
put, among the flowers settled frogs – the friends of Frenk. The
show ended with a cheerful 'Disco of frogs'. We are waiting for the
keeping of promises.

We are very grateful to you for taking us into this great
action because we have felt very important and useful for he nature!

We send some episodes from the 'March of frogs' at school.

Students of the Primary School Svencionys, teachers and the administration