Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Campaign at School Svencionys. Lithuania

We haven't seen any snow in Lithuania this winter.
Usually hot weather prevails (on January 10 th the temperature
was +12,6 degrees Centigrade). Its rains constantly. The level of
water has risen in rivers and lakes.

During the preparation for the 'March of frogs', the
students of the school watched and recorded the unique phenomena
in the nature: violets came into blossom in the forests, meadows
were ploughed up by moles, beavers pisked and demolished a lot of
trees, winter crop came into leaf, trees budded, some of them
even came into blossom, the children saw flies, mosquitoes and mites…

The children have learned a lovely song about frogs, they
have made Lithuanian friends for frog Frenk. On the 17th of
January little frogs, students, teachers and the administration of our
school visited 16 institution and companies in the town and they got
concrete adults' promises.

The children were on a visit by the Mayor of Svencionys
district, the leader of the Board of Education, the monitor of the
town, the leaders of other institutions. They all promised to do
concrete works for the good of the nature.

In the lobby of the school posters with promises were
put, among the flowers settled frogs – the friends of Frenk. The
show ended with a cheerful 'Disco of frogs'. We are waiting for the
keeping of promises.

We are very grateful to you for taking us into this great
action because we have felt very important and useful for he nature!

We send some episodes from the 'March of frogs' at school.

Students of the Primary School Svencionys, teachers and the administration