Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Creative activities in Romania

Happy new year 2007! Have you made your pledge for this year?
Please do it here.

Teachers and students at the National College "Mihail Kogalniceanu"
have been creative- see their activities below:

The pupils of the eleventh grade C from our school, guided by
teacher Mrs Madalina Popescu made the mascot Frank. Frank is
made from polystyrene . On top of we glued co loured paper. In
this box we place our ENO pledge. The pupils who made Frank are:
Calin Raluca, Pacuraru Anca, Craciun Cristina, Hirjoaba Ionut.Also,
in December the pupils of our school have made posters with Frank.

School organized a fashion show "Odd Outfits". The clothes were
made from recyclable materials and were presented by the students
from ninth and tenth grades. The teachers Mrs Mariana Ganea and
Mrs Mariana Bulgaru through their guidance and activities have succeeded
in stimulating the pupils interest in protecting the environment.
At the end of the activity the pupils established the importance and the
meaning of the slogans:
  • Buy ecological products for a healthy environment
  • Separate the waste
  • Use less plastic bags
  • Use the garbage as fertilizer
  • Water means life
  • Turn off the lights and reduce heating
  • Do not use cars for short travels