Thursday, January 25, 2007

Activities in the Schoolcluster “Radu Negru” Galatz

Students and teacher School Radu Negru from Galati, Romania
took part in the following activities during the Campaign week
15-21 Jan 2007, :

Students of SchoolCluster ‘Radu Negru’ Galatz organized:

- campagne of junk collection

- session of science communication based on the enviroment polluation

- a confection on the mascots

Other mascot:

- confection of posters beside other school( LC.N.M.K.-
L.E.R-,Hight School Saligny-, Hight School Asachi-,
C.T.T.V-,C.F.R-,School 2 and 25, )

- receving pro environment messages

- march of the frogs from Hightschool “Radu Negru”
situation on inter section on Domneasca Street until
Eminescu Central Parc.

Partners were: EnveronmentAgency Galatz,Departament of
Education Galatz and Emil Racovita Hightschool. The press
and mass-media had been involved in this actions.

Mrs Mariana Pacuraru and Viorica Bujor manageri of
HightSchool “Radu Negru” found the necessary resurses for
stimulation their creativity of students.

Teacher were also involved in this campagne are Maria Stan-
informatics teacher, Mariela Gheteu - biology teacher, Catalina Stanca
- fisique, Visilina Guita math teacher, Roxana Vasile arts teacher and
Dorina Hodorogea laborant.

Thancks for help as Mrs Mariana Pacuraru and Viorica Bujor
manageri of HightSchool “Radu Negru” and Mrs Maria Popa and
Valentina Lospa manageri of HightSchool “Emil Racovita”

Best regards Students of “Radu Negru” Schoolcluster