Friday, January 19, 2007

Campaign in Czech Republic

Jitka, CZ02

We spent an enjoyable day. Members of Eco club
ivn Center for free time called Domecek and pupils
from Basic school in the village Choryne went to
the streets, offices, markets, took pledges and
sang the Frank Fredy song. We put the Fredy frogs
into the libraries and another places. This day we
obtained more then 300 pledges. We presented this
compaign in radio - just at 12 o´clock, when the
March of the frogs started. Articals and photos
about global warming, ENO programme and this activity
appeared in these local newspapers /Valassky denik,
Pravo, Zpravodaj, Echo. Film Unconvenient Truth will
be performed in cinema in our town in May.