Thursday, January 18, 2007

Campaign at Vilniaus “Juventos” gimnazija, Lithuania

We, the pupils of Vilniaus “Juventos” gimnazija,
Lithuania, are happy to take part in the ENO Climate
Change Campaign together with many schools all over
the world. We fully agree that climate change is a
global problem nowadays and during the event each of
us has a great chance to express their opinions on
this issue.

While doing the first activity, we found information
and made investigations on the topic “Impacts of Climate
Change in Lithuania”. Using those data, we wrote articles
about the impact of climate change on natural vegetation
and fauna, agriculture and forests, and, of course, on
weather. Later on we made the presentations for our schoolmates.

A part of our activities was the gallup where we asked
questions about people’s attitude towards climate change.
Our pupils made interviews and submitted the answers online.
We’re glad that so many countries have participated in the
gallup and Lithuania was one of the leaders.

Also, we made a frog of recycled paper and now Frank is
“living” in our classroom. We, our friends, parents and
teachers made pledges and put them into the frog. After
we had collected the pledges, we submitted some of them
to ENO Pledge Bank.

While working on this project, we’ve come to the conclusion
that there are many little things we can do to make a difference.
If we try, most of us can do our part to reduce the amount of
greenhouse gases that we put into the atmosphere. We understand
that we can control climate change and pledge to become responsible

In conclusion, we’d like to thank our teachers, Galina Bogdanova
and Kirsi Snellman, for encouraging and helping us with our activities.
We’re looking forward to participating in the next event."