Wednesday, January 03, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth for campaign week!

Here in my city we have asked the local
cinema theatre to perform this documentary
film for students in the campaign day,
17th of January. We will take our frogs with
us, march with them and put them in some public
places like city hall, library etc.

This film will be available in public during two
weeks after us. Schools have been interested in
the film and already two sessions are sold-out.
Great for local awareness here!

I recommend you could also see this film (if you
haven't already). Let us know if you do!It is
available also in DVD. You find more information
about the film here:

Did you know that Al Gore appreciates ENO Programme?
When we started in 2000 he was a vice-president in US.
He sent us a letter you can see here.