Monday, January 22, 2007

Campaign at "Radu Negru", Romania

Students and teachers from our school , Highschool “Radu Negru”,
Galatzi, Romania took part at the activities during the “AGAINST
CLIMATE CHANGE” Champagne, week 15 - 21 Jan 2007 :
- 16 jan 2007 - The students from 10 schools from Galatzi were
hosted in our school to make a poster with recyclable materials. The
students presented their work – their poster, their frogs and their
messages for the community. Some of them received prizes for their work.

During the contest our teachers presented some interesting experiences,
using sensors for temperature and CO2 concentration, in order to demonstrate
the impact of climate change in our life.

Our students found information and made investigations on the topic
“Impacts of Climate Change in our region”, because we live in a very polluted
area. Using those data, they wrote articles about the impact of climate change
on natural vegetation and fauna, agriculture and forests, and, of course, on
weather. They organize a exhibition with these articles and pictures.

- 17 jan 2007 – We organized and participate with our students at
"March of the Frogs". We met with people from Galati, in the centre of the city.
They have talked to them about the climate change and its effects on our city,
country and world, trying to convince them to respect the environment issues.

Best regards, Catalina Stanca and Gheteu Mariela,
“Radu Negru”-highschool, Romania