Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gimnazija Škofja Loka, Slovenia

How did the students at Škofja Loka Grammar
School, Slovenia, participate in the campaign known as:
The March of Frogs or how to reduce the emissions
of greenhouse gases, on January 17th this year?

The 1st year students (class E) already in December
last year discussed the causes and consequences of
climatic changes in the atmosphere at the science
subjects, such as Biology, Chemistry and Geography.
They brought up a lot of pledges how to change their
environmental behaviour and increase their awareness.

The 2nd year students (class A) made frogs out of
recycled paper, wrote pledges and on January 17th,
2007 prepared the school exhibition of the frogs and their pledges in a
school hall.

Besides this, the students prepared a lot of leaflets, saying: Turn off the
lights when the sun shines, which were attached to all classroom doors
in order to save some energy, when possible.

We informed the local media and there were some local newspaper reporters
who came to school on that day and they promised to report about the students’
activities which, we hope, might improve their environmental awareness.

Furthermore, the 3rd year students will watch an Al Gore film The
Inconvenient Truth next week as a part of their regular curriculum.

Ivica Krek, prof.
mentor of the activities

Alenka Kolenc Krajnik, prof.

Jože Bogataj, prof.
ASP Unesco coordinator