Sunday, January 07, 2007

ENO Tree Planting Campaign 2007

ENO Programme has made a pledge to plant a total of
100 000 trees by the end of this year. A special website
for the campaign is now available where participants can
make their pledges and report their plantings. You can
see the numbers of trees left on the web.

Schools, children or youth groups are invited to join
this campaign. Trees can be planted during the year and
information after planting are asked to be submitted to
the ENO Tree Database. In addition there will be two global
tree planting days arrraged by the ENO Programme.

Another goal is to spread this activity to every country.
This campaign will not only be for environmental protection
but for international collaboration and peace. It is linked
to UNEP's Billion Tree Campaign that was launched in November 2006.

Tree Planting Campaign is also an act against the climate
change. Trees and forests absorbs carbon dioxide and acts as a sink.

Get involved here and make your pledge: