Friday, January 19, 2007

A video clipse and info from Galati. Romania

Our school hosted during this week a contest named Urban
Pollution where students and teachers debated the causes and
effects of city pollution on the climate and the environment.
At this activity also took part representatives from the Nature
Science Museum.
On 17 January we joyfully took part at the "March of the Frogs".
On this day our students and teachers have met with the folks
from Galati, on the street. They have talked to them about the
climate change and its effects on our city, country and world,
trying to convince them at lest to respect a chosen pledge,
offering them ENO leaflets.
At the end of the march, balloons with our pledges are set
free towards the sky, carrying across the world our wish to live
and have a healthier planet, to protect the environment so that
our descendants to rejoice at the beauties of a clean Earth.

Best regard,
Ms. Popescu Madalina from National College "Mihail Kogalniceanu"
Galati, Romania