Thursday, January 18, 2007

School 2, Galati, Romania - Glimpses of a beautiful project

"Since the very beginning of the project, most of our pupils
aged 7-14 have shown interest in its theme; that's why they
enthusiastically have participated in all the activities adding
their own creativity, originality and freshness of ideas
characteristic to all children.

Working in teams, making visual materials, sending pledges,
disseminating information about the climate change, competing
with other schools in our city at workshop sessions, all these
activities have turned the whole school into a very active centre
in promoting the cause and intentions of ENO Project.

January 17 was the coronation of this year's Project as the
purpose of the "March of the Frogs" was reached: lots of people
in the streets and in the public institutions could hear about ENO.

We are happy and proud to have acted as responsible citizens of
Planet Earth. Thank you, ENO Project promotors in Finland for
giving us this opportunity. May LOVE, PEACE, JOY and WISDOM
reign on Earth and among all people."

Pupils, parents, teachers
Georgiana Munteanu - School coordinator of ENO Project

School 2 Galati team is ready to present their poster made
in the workshop

just the first in the March of the Frogs; small but full of
energy and joy

a short stop at the Court of Justice

marching, singing and offering ENO leaflets to the people
in the street

children attaching and sending ENO messages with the

the baloons are set free to take the children's wishes and hopes