Thursday, January 11, 2007

Last minute comments around the world

Teheran, Iran

"In Iran seven schools have followed the climate change
activities seriously. We have made a committee of the
teachers who are responsible for ENO activities We are
going to have a session on Saturday 13 January to discuss
how we are going to attend the March of Frogs and how
we are going to find homes for our frogs. We made about
18 frogs in three schools.
We are making a poster about the modern life and its
consequences too. Wish all the frogs a stable climate."
Mariam Mokhtari, ENO Teacher

Baku, Azerbaidjan

Hello ENO frends .We have chosen the best MopdelFranky
Frog for the campaign who will carry a handwoven national
bag to put his pledges in. Though we have just opened
the schools we have prepared posters and ENO emblems
to make it a huge ceremony attracting community members
and two Shopping Malls nearby. In this we are greatly
supported by parents. We are looking forward to recruiting
more participants due to the show programme that will
accompany the ceremony . Our students will sing ENO songs
and and dance frog dance too.
Irada Aliyeva, ENO teacher in Azerbaidjan

Kontiolahti, Finland

Hello all ENO people. We have done six frogs and right now
we are making posters about turn down, switch off, recycle
and walk. On 16.1. and 17.1. we are going to present our
works and our Franks will collect the pledges in our school
and in shopping center nearby.
Kalle Rintala, ENO teacher at Lehmo School, Finland

Harare, Zimbabwe

We have just opened schools and we are sharing the
climate change materials and ideas to our fellow pupils
and the community at large. WE LOVE YOU ENO!
Nyarai Tunjera, ENO Teacher in Zimbabwe